Problem Solving Is Easy, Follow These Steps!

Problem solving is the process of solving challenges ahead. The ability to do problem solving is very necessary when doing business. The reason is, businesses often face a problem, and business people are required to be able to solve each of these problems.

Problems can have a high level of difficulty, but can also be quite easy to find solutions to. Whether the problem is easy or difficult, the process and steps will be the same. However, you have to match your thinking with your actions in order to be fully successful.

Problem Solving Is a Process

When facing problems or bottlenecks in business. It’s a good idea to stop for a moment and analyze the problems that occur. So that problem solving can be done optimally, follow the steps to do the correct problem solving.
Unlike it seems, problem solving is an easy thing to do. So that nothing is missed, make it a habit to make process documentation. Next, let’s see the steps!

1. Identify the problem

Identify and determine the problem to be solved first. Write clearly about the problem that occurred, as well as the ultimate goal of the process. The ultimate goal of problem solving is what you want to achieve after the problem is solved.

This process is often forgotten and considered unimportant. In fact, this first process is a milestone to determine the next action to be taken. Make a note of the details of the problem, such as the details of the problem and when the problem started.

2. Analyze the problem

What is the cause of this problem? The cause can be not just one factor, but has many variables.
You need to pay attention to the chain of causes of this problem when choosing a solution later. Therefore, make analytical notes as detailed as possible.

3. Create Multiple Solution Options

The most important part of problem solving is determining the solution. Once you have identified the problem and its cause, you can begin to determine the solution. The solution may have several options.

Of the several options, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each solution. Do not forget to also take into account the possible costs that must be incurred to carry out that choice. Don’t forget to also analyze the long-term effects of these solutions.
After that, do an analysis of these options, and determine which solution is the most appropriate to implement.
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##4. Implement the Solution
Once you have selected a solution, create a work plan for implementing the solution. For simple problems, the solution may be fairly easy to do. However, for more complex problems, the solution may be more complicated and requires careful planning.
When making an implementation plan, don’t forget to define the targets or limits to be achieved. Make reasonable targets, plans and timelines so that implementation can be carried out effectively.
##5. Supervise the progress of implementation
During the implementation process, you must monitor the running of the program and monitor its progress. Make sure that the things that need to be done are not missed and can go according to plan.
##6. Review the implementation resultsThe last stage is to review or review the implementation of the solution. In addition to seeing whether the implementation of the program is appropriate or not, you also have to see whether the solution can solve the problem that has occurred or not.
If it is not appropriate, return to point number 3, which is to consider solution options. You can choose another existing solution, or add a new solution as an option.
Problems in business can be solved by implementing the above process. Process logging can assist in problem understanding, analysis, and implementation of solutions. Problem solving is an easy thing as long as it is done in the right way and steps.

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