What is General Affairs? Definition and Responsibilities

what is general affairs

Have you ever heard of a General Affairs position? Also known as GA, this job is valued as one of the prominent positions in a company. No wonder that it becomes one of the most-searched jobs among job applicants who have enough qualifications. So what is GA and what are their responsibilities?

Unfortunately, there are still few people who know this position. In this article, Clockster will provide you with all the details of a General Affairs job description and responsibilities. Check this review out!

What is General Affairs

In simple words, a GA is a job that is responsible for every operational activity within a company. The job covers management assistance mainly for the whole activities. Considering what General Affairs do, this position is certainly a high-valued and essential part of any business.

A GA usually becomes part of the Human Resources Development (HRD) team. Their job description also covers asset management under the supervision of the operational head.

The Qualifications of General Affairs

A GA job description is certainly not everyone’s job as it requires quite a high qualification. Their work includes specific management and organizational skills that may be challenging for early job applicants. There are certain experiences and requirements that should be fulfilled. Here are some of the required skills.

Management and Administration Skill

A General Affairs manager job description is closely related to every decision made by the company. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the management and administration skills are already well-mastered by the candidates.

Management skill refers to a technique of organizing something while the administration is a skill related to the administration stuff of the company. Having these qualifications, a GA is expected to be able to handle every challenge in a work well.

Problem Solving

Making a decision for a business will always come in line with the risk that might come at any time. Even a little mistake might affect the whole operational process within a company.

Therefore, a problem-solving skill is a must for every GA. This skill will be a good asset that will make the teams progress more quickly when facing a problem.

Communication Skills

A professional GA manager should understand all forms of communication and be able to perform it well. The way they interact with people in the company should also be one consideration as they need to establish a trusting relationship with everyone and be responsible for every decision making. Therefore, communication skill is important to avoid misunderstandings among teams.

What Does General Affairs Do

It’s been previously mentioned that a GA works closely with the matter of decision making in the company. However, what is the actual scope of their work? Here are some of their main job descriptions that you need to know:

Organizing Asset Buying

Company assets such as computers are examples of operational assets that are semi-permanent and might be replaced within a certain period of time. Organizing the process of asset buying including looking for the best fit is one of the job responsibilities.

Taking Care of The Company Asset

Not only buying assets, they are also responsible for the maintenance. The task includes regular monitoring and reprimanding employees who use the assets carelessly.

Undertaking The Cost of Operational Needs

The operational activities in a company cannot be separated from regular costs such as electricity bills and internet subscriptions. Ensuring that the company pays regularly right on time is one of the GA responsibilities. They also need to estimate funds for that routine payment.

Taking Care of Freelancer Salaries

Some companies also have freelancers to help with their business activities. As they are not the company’s employees, they will have different wages. The payment for freelancers is also part of the GA’s tasks.

Taking Care of the Company Renovation or Branch Office Opening

A number of companies also try to expand their business by opening new branches in other locations. A GA manager is someone who is also involved in the process. They are in charge of managing the budget and logistical needs.

The Function of General Affairs

A GA indirectly carries out several functions within the company while doing their responsibilities as follows:

  • Maintenance, related to asset maintenance
  • Report, related to organizing the reports of asset and routine expenses for meeting purposes
  • Licensing, related to external party permission
  • Relationship, maintaining a good communication with suppliers or other company stakeholders

General Affairs’ Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

In order to measure the employees’ performance in a company, a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is often prepared. As a GA, every task can also be properly monitored using a GA KPI. For example, here are some aspects or areas that can be included:

1. The completion of construction or renovation of buildings and facilities

2. Level of satisfaction in each department with the GA

3. The duration it takes to apply for a legal permit

4. Number of public protests against company decisions in a year

5. The cleanliness of the office environment

Now that you have the detailed information about what General Affairs do, are you interested in applying for this position? Being a GA certainly has a big responsibility, considering that they will directly report to the Head of Operations.

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