What is HRIS? Complete Explanations and Applications

what is hris

What is HRIS? HRIS stands for Human Resources Information System that eases the data management in a company. The implementation of HRIS is the Human Resource Department’s responsibility.

In the process of applying HRIS, the HRD isi usually supported by particular applications, so that the activity of managing data can be more effective. However, what are the applications? Without further ado, check out our review below.

What is HRIS?

Human Resources Information System or commonly abbreviated as HRIS is a system for storing and managing all information related to HR. Using this system, the employees in the company are expected to work with better performance.

Nowadays, the implementation of the system can be easily fulfilled using applications. This will make HR activities can be efficiently managed electronically.

The benefits of HRIS

So, what are the benefits? As a system that helps to take care of a number of activities related to human resources, the Human Resources Information System will certainly allow a company to plan their activities effectively without allocating too many resources toward them. Therefore, there are various reasons to use it:

Centralized employee control

In a company, there are more than just one or two employees. In order to function optimally, the HR department should have the right resources and tools. This is where this system can be the best help-with. In large-scale teams, it can be a tool that can easily help to monitor company employees.

Job automation

The convenience of job automation for HR activities is the feature that makes this system appear as an appropriate solution. For instance, the calculation of employee wages can be carried out quicker and arranged automatically.


As an application that connects to the internet, the Human Resources Information System certainly has a high accessibility. In other words, it can be accessed and managed online anytime and anywhere.

Communication facilities

It is common for a company to have their internal communication and be allocated through the feature provided in the application. Mostly, this system provides a feature where the users can have conversations.


Basically, this HR system is designed to speed up and enhance HR activities in a number of ways. Many HR activities are made quick and simple by implementing this concept. Therefore, it allows HR departments to get their job done faster and improve their productivity.

Common features of the Human Resources Information System

In general, the applications in Human Resources Information System have several common features that help to boost the efficiency of work activities, especially for HR departments. Some of the features are listed as follows:


Payroll is one of the vital things in the company. This system also provides a payroll feature that allows a company to calculate and manage employee payroll efficiently.


Monitoring employee performance is also an important thing to do for HR departments. This system will help a company to keep in track of their employee by looking at the analytical report provided in the application. The report will include the employee’s working period, absence, and working hours. That way, it will save time for HR.

Assessment (employee evaluation)

The application also provides an evaluation report for each employee in a company. The company could set and determine the standard then the application will do the job as well as assisting the assessment.

Example of applications and its features

Along with the advancement of technology, the implementation of the Human Resources Information System comes in handy in the form of an application. The various features provided by the application can help reduce workload and increase work performance.

In Indonesia itself, a list of the applications is easy to find. Here, Clockster presents as one of the trusted partners for organizing the HR management in a company. Read the rest to know the Clockster’s features:


As the business expands its growth, it is common for a company to have a large number of employees. The key activities in the company will also increase as the business grows. As such, the need to have good operational management will be crucial.
That way, setting shifts in your company is an alternative solution that can be taken. Clockster’s Shifts feature makes it easy for you to set the slot and the person who is in charge.


Not only managing employees, but the Clockster’ application also enables a two-way communication between the company and employees. You can try having a conversation or uploading company news in the Communications feature.


The essence of this system is to make the management process in a company easier and speed up productivity. The features of statistical charts will make it easier for you to read the data and analyse the employees’ performance. It will also provide reports that can be checked at any time.


The fourth feature in Clockster’s application is Payroll. The company can easily arrange the tables for payroll such as the amount, the recipient, allowance, bonuses, and other details.

In conclusion, an HRIS application can be a great help for a company, especially when it comes to human resources management. However, it is important to choose the right features that meet the company needs. Find out more information about the Human Resources Information System features provided by Clockster through the official website and application on your device.

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