Build Trust Through Payroll

When it comes to establishing trust within a company, managing payroll is a good place to start. The payroll process and its components have to be clear for both the employer and employees. In this article, we will talk about why payroll transparency is essential to build trust and how you can achive it.


It is not a secret that employees are greatly motivated by financial rewards. The better they know what exactly they are paid for, the better they perform.

Would they be paid for overtime? If so, then what the rate is? Does overtime pay rate change depending on the time of the day? Will they get extra for coming in on a weekend or a holiday? Are there fees for being late? How much will be deducted from their pay if they arrive 30 minutes later than their shift starts?

Employers often overlook and not discuss these and many other payroll related questions thoroughly during the hiring process. More often than not, it results in surprise pay deductions or underpay that surely affect employee job satisfaction in a negative way.

That is why you need to make sure to cover all payroll components and answer all questions on the topic, even the unasked ones.

Time tracking

Now that all payroll terms and conditions are clear, we move on to the second step: accounting of working hours.

To build trust you need to have a reliable system of worktime recording. One that cannot be tricked or tempered with (e.g. “buddy punching”). Thorough worktime accounting is crucial for correct payroll calculation.

Clockster’s Attendance is an easy way to get accurate information on employees’ arrival and departure.

Easy to navigate, user friendly Clockster app can be installed on any smartphone. All employees need to do is to open the app and press Clock in/Clock out. Built-in geofencing will only allow them to clock in at the job location. Login can be completed from only one device, which will prevent any cases of “buddy punching” or leaving a second device at workplace for false clock-ins.

Payroll calculation

With the first two steps completed, the only thing left is to use all the data to calculate payroll correctly.

Clockster will help you with that. The Payroll feature accounts for everything: overtime, holidays, fees, taxes. It calculates the salary automatically, accounting for attendance and work hours of each employee. All that is left to do is to review and approve the payslips.

Clockster is free for companies with less than 30 employees. Join today and build better trust within your company!

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