Webinar Clockster – How To Choose The Right Employees For Your Business

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On Wednesday, July 20th 2022, Clockster held another webinar. The theme this time is ‘How to Choose the Right Employees for Your Business. This webinar presents Oktora Yosi, HR Generalist from Sanco Indonesia as a speaker.

According to Yosi, having reliable employees is very important, especially for small-scale businesses. The reason is, the impact of an employee in a small business will be greater on the business than an employee in a large company.

Another thing that must be remembered for an HRD is that he must be able to put the right people in the right positions. This can be done by applying appropriate procedures and stages of employee selection.

By doing this, HRD or business owners can help ensure that the company will hire competent and loyal employees who can help the company achieve its business goals.

Choosing the Right Employees Starts From the Selection Process

A good selection process will help businesses find the right employees. Some companies even conduct psychological tests to determine the personality of employees.

There are several stages of employee selection, namely:

  1. Administrative selection, in the form of screening candidate CV
  2. Written selection, or test
  3. Interview/interview selection
  4. Medical Check-ups
  5. Finals

What Should I Do?

During the process and even outside the selection process, there are things that HRD or business owners can do to select the best candidates to help with business development:

  • Seeing candidates’ qualifications
  • Selecting people who are adaptive, or people who are willing to learn new things
  • Seeing the suitability of candidates with the company’s business field
  • Try using the internship program
  • Learn more about the candidate’s personality through social media

Yosi also suggested choosing candidates who have experience in the same field to make the adaptation period easier. In addition, it is also important to avoid candidates who change jobs frequently.

Watch the full Clockster webinar: How to Choose the Right Employees for Your Business on YouTube by clicking the following link.

See you in the next webinar!

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