Clockster for Qazaq Republic: not only fashion-relevant but business-sharp

Convenient and effective communication is essential to run any business smoothly. Endless work chats in various messengers result in losing important information, and often instead of solving the communication problems, they create even more work for managers. The Kazakh startup Clockster offers a number of features for optimizing inside communication: clock-ins / outs, vacations and days off requests, and much more.

With Qazaq Republic as our case example, let’s see how the Clockster HR platform helps to structure and centralize all communication within the company.

Before: countless work chats, hard to find any information

Qazaq Republic is a large clothing store chain in Kazakhstan with 8 branches and more than 130 employees in 6 cities.

Clear and transparent recording of working time, less usage of WhatsApp chats, overall centralization and simplification of communication – these were the goals Qazaq Republic had in mind when implementing the Clockster service in test mode in mid-February 2022.

“Before, we had difficulties with approving leave and other sorts of applications. It was done via messengers and from time to time something would get lost or forgotten. With Clockster sending requests for vacations or days off became way more convenient. The need for messengers also decreased” –  HR manager Dennis Hwang shared his insight.

The choice fell on Clockster due to the low cost of the service, a convenient and understandable interface for creating flexible schedules. Another factor was the ability to further expand the scope of use. In time QR considered switching to Clockster as a full-fledged work platform for managing all HR business processes. Provide each employee has a clear understanding of how much they have actually worked.

Clockster Implementation: thought-through attendance recording and communication centralization

QR started working with Clockster from the attendance control: a system for recording workplace arrivals and departures. Dennis says, “Even before Clockster, we have never had a problem with employee attendance. We believe that guys who work for us are responsible workers. If someone took a day off or arrived late, they worked off this time. Clockster has helped us become not only responsible, but also more disciplined. After all, the number of employees is growing and attendance becomes harder to manage”.

Then QR also started using the Requests function. They assigned all employees to managers who handled incoming requests for time off, sick leave, vacations. According to the company’s management, employee reaction to this change was positive. For employees, it wasn’t difficult – to clock in at the beginning and clock out at the end of the work day. Sending requests was also more convenient than the previous ways of communication.

Results: well-organized communication channel convenient for everyone

Easy to access and user-friendly interface allowed employees to switch to the new attendance recording system through a mobile application without any problems. Well-thought-out account verification provided reliable protection against fraud: 3rd parties cannot use the login data, the attendance is recorded with geolocation.

The Requests feature gave employees an option to quickly negotiate vacations and days off. Management, in turn, received structured information on all requests, stored in one place and available at any time (all requests are stored in an archive that can be easily accessed). And all of this is accessible in the Clockster mobile application.

In addition, QR noted calculating payroll, tracking employee productivity, as well as the ability to store HR documents in one place to be very convenient functions.

Kazym Yermek, director of the Qazaq Republic

Clockster also contains a list of employee names and phone numbers for an easy way to contact colleagues if needed. Director of the Qazaq Republic Kazym Yermek also shared his feedback on how to make sure that a new employee can immediately learn what documents they need to upload to the system, and also quickly and easily get to know not only the front office, but also know who the management is.

Convenient communication between employees and managers is undoubtedly important for efficient functioning and development of a business. Clockster’s mission is to make the HR work easier, and that includes finding new employees.

“The new Clockster Jobs service is a quick way to search for jobs and employees throughout Kazakhstan. We cooperate with more than 500 employers who need sales consultants, cashiers, loaders, administrators, waiters. With Clockster Jobs, you can find a job in just a few easy steps. Download the app, click on “create an account”, “find a job”, and fill out a short description about yourself. After that all you need to do is to respond to the vacancies you like.” Anuar Baitulakov, Clockster’s marketing director, shared the news.

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