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Our app seems complicated? Not sure how to set up and use it? Welcome to Clockster Webinars – the easiest and fastest way to master all Clockster functionality.

Every two weeks on Wednesday at 14:30 (GMT +7:00) we hold a webinar “Introduction to features”, where we briefly and clearly explain how to use all the basic functions of Clockster.

Upcoming Clockster Webinars:

November, 10 at 14.30 (GMT +7:00) – Introduction to features. Zoom-link.

November, 23 at 14.30 (GMT +7:00) – Introduction to features. Zoom-link.

December, 7 at 14.30 (GMT +7:00) – Introduction to features. Zoom-link.

The language of Webinar is Indonesian.

We will notify you in the announcements.

Feel free to join and ask questions! We will be happy to tell you how to simplify the HR tasks of your business as much as possible by using Clockster to the fullest!

Previous Clockster webinars

Introduction to Clockster’s features is the first step after singing up for Clockster. By following this training, you will get a clear understanding on how to Clockster efficiently and comfortably.

Here is the link to the last webinar.

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