Employee Management With Online System

Managing a business is not just about creating a marketing and customer service plan. Another important thing that businesses must pay attention to is employee management.

The reason is, good employee management will affect the smooth operation and quality of customer service. This factor contributes greatly to the continuity of your business.

What Is Included In The Employee Management?

There are several important points in employee management. The following basic things will help you in managing HR within the company so that their performance can be maximized:

1. Communication

Building a good work environment starts with good communication. As a leader, you must be able to establish good communication with your employees. This form of communication can be in the form of division and explanation of tasks, announcements that are important to be known by all employees, including when reprimanding employees who are negligent.

Use language that is easy to understand, and give them a feeling of respect, so your message can get across well. Also pay attention to body language, both you and the employee you are communicating with. Show that you respect them with body language that shows that you are focused on them.

Make sure all employees get the latest information and announcements related to their work. For this employee management step, you need the right and effective media.

In addition to conveying the message, you must also be able to be a good listener. This is important because it is your employees who carry out day-to-day operations. They deal directly with a variety of field issues, which may be important for you to know.

2. Determination of Performance Standards

Determining employee performance standards is also important in employee management. With these standards, you can assess whether the system is effective enough, or whether the employees have performed their duties optimally.

These standards need to be set as early as possible, when you start recruiting. It is possible that you will need employees in new positions that did not exist before. In this case, you should create a new standard as soon as possible.

A simple example of setting this standard is the timeliness of attendance. You need to ensure that employees arrive at the office and leave on time. Another example is the implementation of tasks, or the jobdesk of each employee.

Please note that these standards must be changed from time to time. Analyze whether the old standards are still effective, or if there are changes that need to be made. This employee management step is one of the most important.

3. Development and Training

Next, you should pay attention to development and training for employees as well. In employee management, this step is necessary to ensure that you always have employees who have skills according to business developments.
Don’t be afraid to lose if you have worked hard to train, but in the end the employee resigns. If you have good employee management, they will be happy to work for you.

Online Employee Management System

Nowadays, employee management can be more easily done with an online system, especially for business people who have many business branches. For example by using Clockster.

Clockster has complete features to make it easier for you to perform employee management effectively, quickly and easily.

For example, with the attendance feature, you can easily track employee attendance hours in and out, even for field employees. Clockster has been equipped with a location tracking feature and employee can add photos as proof of attendance.

Other features are Work Schedule and Task Manager. In these two features, you can manage employee schedules, especially those with a shift system, and assign tasks to each employee. You can track the progress of the given tasks, making it easier to monitor the performance.

Quickly share information with employees via the Feed feature. You can also select only certain employees who get information, and interact with them through the comments column.

By using the Statistics feature, you can see the effectiveness of each employee’s performance. That way, you can easily find out which employees are good, or still less effective.

In addition, there are features that can ease the administrative tasks of the human resource department, such as leave, financial claims or reimbursements, schedule changes, holiday determination, and others.

So, give Clockster a try, and make your employee management system easy! Visit Clockster website now!

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