4 Employment Verification Letter Samples for Certain Purposes

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If you are working in a company, you should be familiar with an employment verification letter. There might be a variety of situations that will require you to ask for this document from the company.

The letter of employment verification is classified as official letters that have several basic components in them. Knowing what to write will certainly help you to get the letter right on time with the correct information. Find out the complete guide on how to write a letter of employment verification along with the samples. Here’s Clockster has rounded up for you!

What is employment verification letter

A verification letter is a formal acknowledgement requested by employees to Human Resources Development (HRD) for certain important purposes. Generally, the letter contains an official statement of the employee’s employment status. In addition, it also includes the length of time the individual has worked at the company as well as their job position.

The components

Now, it’s time for you to know how to write an employment verification letter. As the document is considered an official letter, the writing should follow some standards including using a formal language. There are several components that must be written in the letter, namely:

The letterhead

An official letter should have a letterhead as a form of accountability. This part includes your company name and logo.

Personal identity

This section is divided into two parts. It states the identity of the person who confirms (employer) and the one who is confirmed (employee). Generally, it includes full name, national ID, address, job position, and other details.

The purpose of the letter

Clarity is an essential part of this document. Therefore, you must state the purpose clearly in the body of the letter. Usually, the body of the letter is written in the form of a statement confirming that the employee is currently employed at a certain company or was previously employed at a company.


The last structure of the letter is closing. In this section, you should include your signature and the employer’ as well as the stamp of the company. This is to prove that the letter is an official document. Do not forget to also write down the place and date of writing the letter.

The functions

A letter of employment verification is a document that can be obtained to fulfil the requirements of several important needs such as applying for a bank loan, scholarships, and others. Here are some of the common reasons for requesting the letter:

Scholarship registration

It is common for someone to continue their studies while also working in a company. One of the ways is by applying for a scholarship. Mostly, the scholarship program will require the applicant to submit an employment verification from the company where they work.

Applying for a bank loan

A letter of employment verification is also needed when an employee takes a personal loan from the bank. The document will be one of the mandatory requirements for filing.

BPJS fund withdrawal

Employees in Indonesia have the right to have BPJS (Health Care and Social Security Agency) for Employment. In general, the funds included in BPJS can be taken when an employee is not working at the company anymore. However, under certain conditions, employees can apply for disbursement of funds by submitting the letter of employment verification as the prerequisites.

Applying for a new job

In some cases, a verification letter is also needed when applying for a new job. As such, the new employer can confirm the work experience information stated in your resume.

Employment verification letter sample

Below are some examples you can use request the document on certain purposes

Samples for current employee

Current employee - Employment verification letter sample.jpg

Samples for past employee

Past employee - Employment verification letter sample.jpg

Samples for BPJS fund withdrawal (only in Indonesia)

BPJS fund withdrawal - Employment verification letter sample.jpg

Samples for a bank loan

A bank loan - Employment verification letter sample.jpg

The benefits of an employment verification letter

The employment verification is an official document that is important to confirm an employee’s credibility especially when they are looking for a new job. This document can bring several benefits for an employee certificates, namely:

Confirmation of credibility

This letter usually contains a general assessment of the applicant. Therefore, it can confirm the candidate’s past work history. The assessment is also important to create a good impression when applying for a job in the prospective new company.

Credible Administrative Terms

This verification letter has a high credibility as it is issued officially from the company where the employee works. This document will be a good use if you want to form a kind of partnership with other companies on various matters.

Company appreciation

In addition to administrative requirements, the verification letter can also be a form of company appreciation. Giving a general assessment statement that describes the good attitude of the employee, the employee’s performance has received appreciation from the company itself.

That’s the Clockster’s discussion on the employment verification letter. Now that you know the details, you can ask for the document from the company if it is needed as long as there is no misuse. Find other informative articles in the Clockster blog. Hope this is useful!


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