Experience Letter: Definition, How to Write, and Samples

experience letter

A work experience letter is a crucial document for an employee, especially when applying for a new position. The letter can be used to back up a claim and establish someone’s reputation. This document may only be obtained by workers who have a solid work history.

However, many people are still not aware of this kind of letter. However, do not worry because Clockster will cover all you need to know about company experience letters in this article.
## What is an experience letter?
A letter of work experience is a letter written by a company to declare the end of an employment relationship. This letter would prove your capability and performance in that company.

A letter of work experience is one of the considerations for recruiters when looking at your application. It tells them the reason why you resigned and the company’s response to your performance.

Generally, this type of a company letter includes a description of your previous job, how long you have worked there, your performance assessment, and the reason why the employment relationship ended.

One thing is for sure, this letter is not required to be given by the company. However, you still have the right to request the letter. Considering this letter can be a form of company appreciation as well as a reference for recruiters.
## Purposes of an experience letter
If you’re still unsure about the purposes of a letter of experience, here’s a quick and simple explanation about it.

**Concrete evidence of work experience**
The letter issued by the company can be concrete evidence of your work experience.

**Plus points in applying for a job**
Your achievement and performance at the previous job are stated in the letter, and the recruiter can use that information as a reference.

**Administrative requirements for withdrawal of BPJS funds**
In Indonesia, when you want to withdraw BPJS funds (health assurance), a letter of experience from the previous company is usually requested as a requirement for completing administrative documents. But if you don’t have one, you can use a certificate of employment instead.
## Important details to include in an experience letter
There are several key aspects that must be covered by this letter, such as:

**Letterhead.** Letterhead is the top of a letter. It should include the company name, address, email address, phone number, and logo. This showcases the identity of the company where you worked.

**Personal identity.** The employee’s personal information must be written down here. For example, name.

**Position and work period.** A letter of work experience must specify the employee’s job position and work period. The letter usually also mentions the work relationship between the employee and the letter’s author.

**Achievements and skills.** Recruiters consider skills and accomplishments in an applicant. Therefore this kind of information should be covered by a letter of work experience.

**Official stamp and signature.** The signature and official company stamp shows consent on behalf of the company.
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## How to write a work experience letter
A letter of work experience is a letter that is formally given by a company. This letter is written by the management. Follow these steps if you are about to write a letter of work experience for employees.

**1. Ensure that the information is complete**
First, ensure that all of your workers’ information is correct. Starting with the name, achievement, to his position.

**2. Verify the data validity**
Second, ensure that you have verified the accuracy of the data obtained. It might harm the employees if you input wrong data.

**3. Highlight strengths, performance, and accomplishments**
The performance and accomplishments of the employee must be thoroughly written down. This is the most crucial section since it plays an important role when the employee applies for a new job.

**4. Provide details about employment termination**
It should be explained why the employee ended the job contract, whether it is because of personal reasons or something else.
## Experience letter samples
![Experience letter sample.png](https://clockster-blog.storage.yandexcloud.net/Experience_letter_sample_feb24b5ac0.png)

![Experience letter sample (2).png](https://clockster-blog.storage.yandexcloud.net/Experience_letter_sample_2_08585a8dc0.png)
Work experience letters may not be the single factor that determines employment. However, this letter may open up more doors for you. It’s critical to make it as clear and appealing as possible. Let’s visit the Clockster page to learn more about related information.
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