Face Recognition – How Does It Work With Clockster

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Clockster has been helping more than 2500+ companies automate HR business processes. One of the areas that we cover is face recognition devices with our proprietary software.

Why businesses need facial recognition devices?

Clockster has been helping more than 2500+ companies automate HR business processes. One of the areas that we cover is face recognition devices easily integratable with our proprietary software.
What’s the magic “behind the scenes”: it is enough for an employee to approach a device that will send data about the employee’s time arrival to the system. In return, Clockster compares the record with the work schedule and displays not only who arrived on time, but also data on late arrivals and early departures.
The most important thing is that the process is automated and the business owner does not need to perform any manipulations, and employees, in turn, are calmer when they know their actual time worked!

What are the requirements for face recognition devices’ installation?

Installation of devices can be conducted in multiple ways:
One device for arrivals/departures. By being installed on the wall, employees approach the device and record their time at the beginning and at the end of the working day. This is mostly suitable for SMEs: cafes and restaurants, dentistries, beauty salons and others.
One device for arrival, another for departure. They are installed on a magnetic door and turnstiles on both sides. Suitable for business centers, schools and hospitals.
One device for arrival, one button for exit. They are installed on a magnetic door and turnstiles.
Requirements are minimal: presence of power and the Internet; the device must be in static use and it cannot be exposed to direct sunlight.

So, if I buy device(s), how do I install them?

A business owner buys facial recognition devices, we link them to the company account and ship devices to the client fully configured. All what’s remaining is to connect devices to the Internet, which only takes a couple of minutes for setup and voilà! All set!

First step: in the company account, go to Company settings => Devices. This is done to link the device to your business location where employees will be clocking in and out.

Second step: add employees’ photos so that the device detects and recognizes them. You need to go to Employees section and across every employee name there are three dots, click Edit. In the window opened, there is a field that says “Face”. This is where the employee face needs to be uploaded.
There’s another way to upload photos: employees can send a request via Clockster mobile app. General Requests => + => Face photo (biometric devices). The admin just needs to approve photos on his side.

It is critical for the device to recognize the face accurately. Therefore, there are guiding rules. For example, a person cannot smile or wear accessories like glasses on the photo. Here’s some more detailed information.

face recognition

What if I need to add a person who is not my employee?

For companies that are considered established businesses, we added the “Guest” functionality with which companies can send invitations to pass through a turnstile or a magnetic door. Time attendance of such visitors is also trackable in Clockster.

I am eager to buy devices. How do I order?

Drop us an email at info@clockster.com and we will reach you back shortly.

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