Free Webinar: Employee Management for Small Business

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Clockster will host another webinar, on Wednesday, August 24, 2022 at 14:00 GMT +7. This free webinar titled ‘Employee Management for Small Business’ will be presented by Jaka Indriyansyah, CEO of Adminku Consulting as a speaker.

Adminku Consulting itself is a business consulting service, including in the field of HR. So, of course the speaker is an expert in the field of HR or employee management.

Which will be covered in this free webinar

The main focus of this event is the discussion of employee management for small businesses or new businesses. Therefore, this webinar is important for small business owners, or just starting a business, as well as HR staff who need to learn about employee management systems and administration.

A business needs to have a good management system since it is still on a small scale, so that later it can have a foundation and be more adaptable when the business grows and has more employees.

There is an interesting giveaway!

Not only important discussions, Clockster also offers a giveaway in the form of OVO/Gopay balances for the most active participants in the webinar. Isn’t it fun?

So don’t miss it! Register now for the free webinar via the following link.

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