How to Use Biometric Access Control Systems

Biometrics are unique physical traits that can be used to identify a person. Many of us are familiar with access control systems based on biometrics. In movies, we often see them in labs or high-security facilities. However not everyone knows that biometric technology also has many uses for small and medium size businesses.

In this article, we will talk about how to use biometric access control systems for your business.

How can you use it in business?

Most small and medium size businesses use biometrics for access control. Employee data (such as picture of face recognition systems, or fingerprints) is uploaded to the system, allowing screening devices to preform identification and authentication processes. Thus preventing unauthorized individuals from entering.

Access to attendance records is a valuable tool for HR managers. Collecting such records via an access control device is much easier than using traditional methods such as timecards or attendance sheets. The data received from access control devices is much more accurate, since this system prevents employees from “buddy punching” or clocking in and out for another employee that arrived later or left earlier.

Why biometric access control system?

Usual RFID cards or keys can be lost, stolen, or used by other individuals for the purposes described above. Whereas biometric access control systems, while not entirely impossible to trick, still provide an enhanced security compared to doors or turnstiles operating via cards or keys.

Another reason why biometric technology is more convenient is that employees do not have to carry any authentication card or key. Therefore they won’t have to spend time looking for it or have troubles entering if they forget it.

We should also mention cost efficiency. Even though biometric systems are pricier to install, they require less costs to maintain. Employees often lose access cards/keys and the costs of buying replacements will quickly add up. Not to mention that readjusting the system, assigning the new keys to employees and changing passwords will also take a big bite out of your worktime that you could spend on something more productive.

Installing a biometric access control system is actually not a complicated process.

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