What is Human Resources? Definition and Responsibilities

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Employees are one of the critical components that must be appropriately managed by a company, and the Human Resources department is the one who is in charge of this activity. How? Without further ado, enjoy our explanation below about the HR department and what they do here.

What is the Human Resources Department?

The Human Resources Department is commonly shortened as HRD. As mentioned above, this department is in charge of managing the company’s resources. In general, the range of their responsibilities is related to workers or members of the company. For example, they recruit, monitor, and assess workers.

Some of you may believe that the HRD only exists in big companies, but in fact, the HR team is involved in the operations of any level of organization.
## Human Resources and Human Capital
When we talk about Human Resource, people usually misunderstand it with Human Capital. Although they have several similarities, they are actually two different things.

The first distinction between HR and HC is its objectives. HR is a department that manages human resources or employees so that they can help the company to achieve its goals. For them, the older the employee, the less productive they will be.

Human Capital, on the other hand, sees employees as assets that must be developed. The more skills that the employees can develop, the more beneficial they are to the company.

The second distinction between human capital and human resources is the development of employees. Once again, human capital will do all possible things to improve the employees competencies in order to help the company grow. HR, on the other hand, exclusively reviews and evaluates them for the benefit of the company’s profit.

Functions of the Human Resources Department

Personnel management carried out by HR is one of the ways to keep the company growing. But, overall below are two main functions of HRD in a company, such as:

General Functions

Here, the HRD is responsible for the company’s operational activity such as employees’ development and maintenance.

Managerial Functions

Furthermore, the HRD deals with issues directly related to employees. Planning, coordinating, and guiding each employee’s needs in a company are the example of HR responsibilities for this function.

Human Resources Job Description

Do you want to be a part of the human resource department? Then, here is the human resources job description that you need to know.

  1. Responsible for data collection of employee’s attendance, payroll, and giving bonuses to employees
  2. Planning the development of employees
  3. Manage and develop employees
  4. Become a liaison between departments within the company.
  5. Evaluate employees

Required Skills

After learning about human resources job description, make sure you also comprehend the abilities required to enter the position, such as:

  1. Excellent interpersonal communication
  2. Strong management skills
  3. Recruiting skills
  4. Negotiation skills
  5. The ability to analyze candidates

Pathway to a career

Are you interested in meeting new people? Perhaps HR management is a good fit for you. In Indonesia, HR management has a competitive salary range when compared to other positions. You can obtain a monthly salary starting from IDR 3,500,000 to IDR 4,500,000.

That is all about human resources that you need to know. HR is one of the professions whose tasks are assisted by technology. It is shown by the availability of HR apps that are utilized by many companies to make the activities more effective.


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