What is a Job Description? Definition and How to Write One

job description

When working for a company, you will be introduced to various positions along with their description. In this condition, they’re basically attached information that contains details of a person’s role in a position.

The description is not only important for the workers, but it is something that job applicants also need to pay attention to. Although they are often equated, actually the explanation of description and job specification are known as different things.

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What is a Job Description?

Description is a written explanation of a position that generally contains the responsibilities and duties of an employee’s position.

For a company, it contains guidelines that have been prepared in advance since this will help them to make the employee’s arrangements easier and clearer.

Differences between Job Description and Job Specification

Besides the term jobdesc (abbreviation for description), you may have heard the word specification. However, did you know that specifications and descriptions are two different concepts?

The main difference between them lies in the basic meaning and function. As we know, the definition of a description is information that contains a person’s activities in a position. While the specification is a description of the qualifications that must be met by the employees in certain types of jobs.

Regarding the function, a description will help you understand the details of a particular job position. On the other hand, specification serves to adjust in order for the desired job qualifications to be achieved.

Job Description’s Functions

Other than explaining in detail a person’s responsibility in a position, there are several other functions that you also need to know.

For Companies

1. Facilitate the management when doing the company’s internal evaluation

2. Help companies to measure the ideal HR

3. Supervise and improve employee’s performance

4. Provide direction in accordance with the employee’s role

For Employees and Applicants

1. Give clearer views in the duties and boundaries of the role of a position

2. Measurable in doing the tasks

3. Provide an idea of the job that will be applied

4. Optimizing your potential according to your role

How to Write a Job Description?

A good effort in making them is actually to write it clearly and in detail. Generally, there are several key elements in the concept of a description. What are they? Here are a number of the important elements.

Job Summary

When making a description, you can start by attaching the job summary. That way, the common thread of a job can be understood immediately.

Job Purpose

Each job position certainly has different goals. The company’s goal in the job description serves to provide information about the goals an employee needs to achieve.

Assignment Points

Every employee has a different set and load of tasks. In order to make it easier to understand, the task points that explain the responsibility of an employee need to be written in the description.

Example of Job Description

Now you have understood what is a description and their role in general as well for the company. To understand better, there are several examples that you can use as references. Some of them are:

Example of Job Description and Job Specification Marketing

Job Summary

The marketing team are the people who are in charge and responsible for marketing the company’s product


The main goal of the marketing team is always about increasing product sales. All processes starting from design to product marketing and communication with customers are another responsibility.


Some of the tasks that you will carry out as a marketing team:

  • Doing market research
  • Looking for customers
  • Maintain good relations with consumers
  • Ensure all forms of product marketing communication run smoothly

Job specification

  • Minimum education is in Bachelor’s Degree of business management
  • Preferably have work experience in the related field for at least 1 year
  • High level of initiative
  • Good communication skills
  • Brainstorming skills
  • Creative
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Ready to work in a team

Example of Job Description and Job Specification HRD

Job Summary

The HRD Division will work together to manage human resources within the company and establish as well maintain good communication.


The main goal of the HRD team is to build healthy communication lines in the work environment. Thus, all processes related to the company’s HR relationship are our responsibility.


  • Some of the tasks that you will carry out as an HRD team:
  • Carry out regular monthly communication between employees
  • Ensure that there are minimal internal problems in the company
  • Recruiting new employees

Job specification

  • Minimum education is in Bachelor’s Degree of Psychology or Bachelor’s Degree of Communication Studies
  • Preferably have work experience in the related field for at least 1 year
  • High level of initiative
  • Good communication skills
  • Enjoy interacting with new people

Now you know the concept of job description and the difference between job specifications. For prospective employees, of course, this information will be very useful to ensure that misinformation doesn’t arise when applying to certain companies.

As for the company itself, it’s important for both to be attached to the recruitment advertisement. When the candidate employee and the company have the same perception, then all operational performance should be able to run smoothly.

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