Office Automation: Types of the Systems

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Have you ever wondered how an organization or company may achieve successful communication among its employees? Office automation is the solution. But what exactly is it?

It is a term for utilizing technological devices to communicate. The aim is to create good communication among employees in order to improve productivity.

Don’t worry if you’re still unfamiliar with this subject. Clockster will go into detail regarding this system, its purposes, benefits and types of office automation systems. Check it out!

What is Office Automation?

Office automation is defined as a technology meant to assist workers in avoiding repetitive tasks. This may help a lot of activities ranging from human resource solutions to customer relationship management, marketing activities, and office scheduling.

The systems are closely tied to automation trends in numerous sectors and refer to human activities in office buildings, while software unifies human activities in them.

Benefits of Office Automation

There are several advantages that we can get by implementing this system. Those who have used this approach are well aware of its benefits. So, what are they? Here is the whole list.

Office Automation Reduces Workload

The primary advantage of this system is that it could lessen the burden on a company. This helps you accomplish a job efficiently while still having spare time in the office.

Those who have utilized the systems will appreciate this benefit. Reducing your burden will allow you to work more comfortably.

Office Automation Accurately Manages Data

The second benefit is accurate data management. Office automation, such as invoicing, work allocation, and reminder systems, allow managers to have more efficient monitoring.

This benefit is definitely have massive impact by both large and small businesses that do not have enough resources to do data management. By utilizing this system, a company can also prevent mistakes in data management.

Office Automation Provides Excellent Multitasking Capability

A company may simply handle several tasks and responsibilities at the same time using this kind of system.

Companies can use this system to document matters such as staff attendance, data processing, and other responsibilities handled by the company.

Save Company Time and Money by Office Automation

Automation of offices can help a company save time and money. The technology optimizes and automates procedures that actually require specialists in doing the process and of course a significant amount of time.

Nowadays, business activities are no longer restricted by distance thanks to the emergence of cutting-edge computer and network communication technology. So, the company does not have to spend its money and time to do a business trip.

Another example of an office automation system that benefits the company is reducing the need for hard copies like paper because all data is in a digital format.

Purposes of Office Automation

The purpose of enabling automation systems in a company is to boost productivity and optimize current office systems in order to save time, money, and human resources by combining several systems in order to make the company run more effectively.

An automation system combines computer hardware, software, and networks to simplify activities in the office such as facility management and data process. Not only that, below are the most essential objectives of this system:

  1. Improve customer relationships.
  2. Have better management control.
  3. Simplify operations and minimize errors in data management.
  4. Improve output quality in terms of presentation and save data processing time.

Types of Office Automation Systems

There are many types of office automation systems that can be utilized in a company. Some of them are:

Word Processing

Electronic gadgets can assist you doing several duties necessary to generate digital or printed papers, such as word processing, problem-solving, and transmitting written messages to other members more quickly.


E-mail allows users to communicate with other users via electronic mail.


Similar to e-mail, but the mail is in the form of a digital voice.

Electronic Calendar

The main function is to make a schedule or invitation for certain events.


The use of audio equipment allows businesses to interact across regional borders online. Here are some benefits of teleconferencing:

  1. Affordable equipment costs
  2. Can be used to communicate whenever the user needs
  3. Easy to use

Video Conference

This tool allows companies to have a meeting virtually. The advantages are:

  1. It is an online tool that has one direction. Transmitted from one to other transmission points.
  2. It is an online tool and in a two-way direction, too. It allows users to communicate.

Computer Conference

The use of the internet and computer allow users to solve any issues in real-time.


It allows a single point to transfer pictures or documents across a communication channel, enabling the recipient to copy the message.

Video Text

As the name indicates, this is media in the form of videos with text that can be seen on a variety of devices. To make one, you’ll need one of the following:

  1. Videos that are created on a computer.
  2. A subscription video that is accessible to all users.
  3. Videos from other companies.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

DTP refers to the use of computer hardware to generate typewriter-quality printing. The DTP system is a microcomputer setup that includes a high-resolution CRT monitor and a laser printer that is managed by the DTP itself.

That’s all about office automation that you need to know. It can create effective communication among employees in a company. The implementation of this system will also lead a company to be more productive.

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