Online Payroll for Small Businesses

Running a small business is not an easy task. It comes with a fair amount of challenges as a business of any scale, but has fewer resources to solve them. Owners and managers of small businesses are usually in search of ways to make running the business easier. One of the ways that allows saving a lot of time and money is online payroll.

Why switch to online payroll?

  1. A good payroll service makes every step of the payroll process easier.
  2. Switching to online payroll saves time and minimizes effort.
  3. Online payroll saves the labor costs of processing payroll, since it is a relatively cheap service.
  4. It makes payroll more accurate and mitigates risk of a human error.
  5. You will not have to worry whether everything has been calculated and filed correctly.
  6. It is convenient for both you and your employees.

Clockster payroll for small businesses

Payroll is one of the core processes of any business and sometimes it can get really pricey. A free payroll provider can be a huge help for a small business, especially if it is just starting out and does not have a lot of funds to spear.

Clockster offers a free Full Package plan for all customers who own a small business with less than 30 employees.

It includes:

  • Access to all features (Payroll, Attendance, Schedule and others).
  • Automated payroll calculations and access to financial requests.
  • Attendance records and employee clock ins/outs via a mobile app.
  • Leave and schedule change requests for managment.
  • Built-in vacancy manager!
Key features of Clockster
  1. Software. Web-version and mobile app are both easy to navigate and set up. Employee of any age will not have any problem using the Clockster mobile app.
  2. All information in one place. Say goodbye to the uncountable work chats in messengers: with Clockster all information will be stored in one place and easily accessed from any device.
  3. Highly customizable. Clockster can be customized to perfectly fit your company’s specific needs.

If you decide to expand your business and hire more employees – Clockster will grow with you. Full Package plan for businesses with 31 to 50 employees comes for only 25$/month.

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