Easy Payroll Calculation With Clockster

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Running a business always comes with its challenges. Even experienced entrepreneurs often require assistance with preforming crucial business operations, such as payroll calculation.

Quick and correct payroll calculation is essential for every business. Since it insures confidence of the employees that their work will be reliably rewarded on time. However, the calculation process consists of many details: wages, taxes, various deductions and additions.

Yet the payroll calculation does not have to be a headache. Here we want to tell you how to do it efficiently and effortlessly with Clockster Payroll.

How does Payroll calculation work?

According to statistics, a dedicated HR department takes around 8 hours to calculate employees’ salary. Clockster can perform the same operations 5 times faster.

You can set up Clockster’s payroll calculation in just a few steps.

  • First head to Payroll – Adjustments. Input all the data that will make creating payslips in the future an easy and effortless process.
  • Then press on the Add button next to each segment (Taxes, Additions, Deductions, Rates, Holidays). For your convenience, we have added a description for each adjustment.
  • Fill in all necessary fields and click Save.

For more in depth instructions please check out our tutorial.

Preform this setup only once and Clockster will do the rest.

Clockster Payroll is also linked with the Attendance, therefore when calculating the salary it also takes into account all late arrivals, early departures, overworked hours. Adjust all disciplinary fees as well as overtime pay in the Payroll – Adjustments. The payroll calculation will automatically include all the aforementioned data. The final Payslip will contain a detailed account of all additions and deductions.

Payroll for employees

Payroll section consists of 3 tabs:

  • Payslips
  • Adjustments
  • My salary

The last tab contains approved records, it is also visible to the employee.

Once a payslip is generated, it needs to be approved by an administrator. Before approving the payslip, an administrator can edit it or download a PDF format to discuss with an employee. After administrators approve the payslip, employee will be able to view it in the My salary tab.

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