Prevent Staff Burnout With Efficient Schedule

In recent years, more and more companies started paying closer attention to their employees wellbeing. Burnout turned from a concept usually not discussed in a workplace due to a heavy stigma that it is just laziness, to a very real issue well acknowledged by management.

There are many factors that could help avoid employee burnout: promoting work/life balance, offering more breaks throught the day, monitoring workload and schedule. Indeed, a thoughtfully plannned schedule is undoubtedly one of the most important methods to prevent employee burnout.

In this article we will talk about how to prevent employee burnout and boost job satisfaction with efficient work schedule management.

How to make an efficient work schedule?

Staff scheduling is a never-ending task for managers and business owners. It can be challenging to accurately anticipate staffing needs and maximize productivity while remaining fair to employees.

Here are a few tips on what to keep in mind when aiming to create an efficient work schedule.

Plan ahead

Planning ahead is the key when creating an efficient schedule for your staff.

Refer to the historical sales/customer number data of the season to make sure that you are not understaffed during your busiest hours and do not have too many workers for shifts that are less busy. Use the previous data to consider whether you need more staff on weekends, late evenings or holidays.

Clockster offers a variety of settings for creating schedules: set a schedule for a period or for only a specific date; set the exact start and end time of the workday or only the number of working hours. Highly customazible and simple to use Schedules feature will make planning ahead much easier.

Assess your employee availability

Make sure you know how many workers you can count on for a given period of time. It is also important to know when your staff prefers to be scheduled. The easiest way to do it is to use a scheduling app that would allow employees to view and select shifts that are most convinient for them.

Clockster’s Open Shifts is the perfect tool for this purpose. With this feature it takes only a few clicks to create a shift and specify the number of required workers. You do not have to assign anyone: invite your staff to fill the shifts according to their convenience.

Be prepared for changes

Anything can change in a second and it stands true both for the business and for the employees. Anyone can experience force majeure and sometimes due to different reasons staff members might not be able to turn up for their shift.

The key here is communication. Make sure that your employees can quickly and conveniently pass the information about their absence so you would have time to find another employee to replace them.

With Clockster’s Requests & Leaves system each employee can request unpaid or sick leaves, day offs in advance.

Make sure your employees have access to the schedule

There is a lot more clarity if each employee can access, view and adjust their schedule easily. Give employees options to communicate their preferences. This approach will make your staff feel more comfortable and in control of their time therefore reducing stress and preventing burnout.

Every employee can easily access their schedule and submit schedule related requests any time in the Clockster mobile app.

With the Clockster notification system employees will always stay up to date with any schedule changes.

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