The Future of Payroll: Top Trends

top trends

Payroll is essential for any size of a company. Payroll does not only put together employees’ salaries, but smart payroll policies also promote employee motivation to be involved in more of the company’s activities and overall job satisfaction.

If you are a business owner or an HR leader, we want to provide all the information you need to stay on top of your payroll management and have a clear understanding of what direction HR trends are heading to for the next couple of years.

1. Automation is the key

It is 2022! Time to say goodbye to small manual tasks and gathering information on paper to then take hours to process it. Automation is top trend we are starting from.

Old ways of managing a business, such as checking employee attendance on a piece of paper or using work chats in messengers, might be familiar and hence feel convenient, but they are far from it. We do not even think how much time even the smallest tasks take to accomplish.

For any business saving time is essentially saving money. Instead of having to go through messangers and checking who has asked for time off, who has taken an advanced payment in order to calculate the salary correctly, you can have all of this information readily available in a click of a button.

By automating your payroll you will be able to cut down the time it takes to process payroll by more than 5 times. Which will also allow you to focus on more productive tasks.

2. Pay attention to analytics

Analytics are crucial for running a business. They allow you to pinpoint the trends within the company and make an informed decision on how to improve employee satisfaction, what steps to take to optimize the workflow further and ultimately how to make more money.

3. Transparency in payroll calculation

Payroll information should not be a secret. When employees recieve their paychecks they should have a clear understanding what excactly they have been payed for. Clarity and transperancy in calculating their salary is one of the most important things to keep your employees satisfied.

Make sure that everything is accurately accounted for whether it is deductions for being late or payment for overtime.

4. Cloud technology

Cloud systems have become an essetial part of managing a business. They help to handle payroll and many other processes in a company more efficiently. By implementing this system you can integrate different departments and make sure that all the documents they might need are there and can be accessed at any time.

5. Flexibility

Research shows that allowing employees to choose their work hours leads to better retention and greater productivity. Together with salary calculation transparency it is a very important point to keep in mind to make sure your employees are satisfied with their job.

Allowing your staff to choose the work time most convenient for them will facilitate them delivering their best work.

can Clockster help you adapt all these trends?

Clockster is an HR management system that will help you manage your payroll effectively and effortlessly.

With Clockster’s Attendance you will always have employee attendance records at hand. Moreover, Clockster provides analytics for you to always see if your staff has worked the planned hours.

And with Schedules you will be able to create any type of schedule, conventional or not. Open Shifts will allow you to provide your employees with flexibility when selecting the working hours.

Upload all of your documents to Clockster, store them safely in one place, access from any location at any time.

All functions are integrated. Payroll automatically accounts for attendance, any additions or deductions and provides a detailed pay slip. Set it up once and enjoy the fully automated payroll.

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