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user experience

All systems are functioning properly, the application is very user-friendly

Khalida Nur Dinni – HR – KickAvenue

KickAvenue is a premium class and branded shoe retail business, with several branches in Indonesia. The company, which was founded in 2017, has online and offline stores that cater to sneaker fans in Indonesia. This time, KickAvenue shares their user experience while using the Clockster system for employee management.

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After operating for several years, KickAvenue met Clockster – a staff management application that helps companies manage tasks and monitor employee performance efficiently.

User experience

After using Clockster, KickAvenue reported an increase in efficiency, especially in the areas of attendance, payroll and employee administration. Clockster enables “Kick Avenue” to efficiently manage employee attendance and filing.

“This platform is very effective to use and really helps Kick Avenue in managing employees, of course mainly for the HR division, because Clockster is very helpful in making attendance reports every month. Clockster makes attendance reports in such detail, from these reports you can see the hours worked by employees , employee overtime hours, employee less hours, the number of employee leave requests, and employee sick leave can be seen in the employee absence reports from the Clockster app,” explained Khalida Nur Dinni, HR KickAvenue.

Clockster allows managers to communicate with employees in real-time and ensures that all required information is received by employees in a timely manner.

This helps “Kick Avenue” to ensure that all branches work together and have equal access to the information needed to do their jobs properly.

Dinni added, so far, Clockster has been very helpful to Kick Avenue in the employee attendance process. In addition, the Clockster system is also easy to use in the process of applying for leave, and assists companies in calculating employee salaries quickly and precisely.

Most used feature

According to Dinni, the most frequently used Clockster features in KickAvenue are attendance, requests for leave, and other requests such as division of work schedules, permission to arrive late or leave early.

Conclusion: This user experience proves that Clockster is capable of assisting retail businesses in managing employee tasks and schedules, as well as maintaining effective communication between employees. This application helps companies to increase efficiency and ensure that tasks are done on time and all branches work together.

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