What is Headhunter: Its Differences from Other Recruiters

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What is a headhunter? It is an organization, company, or individual who provides employment recruiting services to be placed in a certain role in a client company.

Many people associate the term “headhunters” with HR or outsourcing since they work in similar fields. In truth, all three have distinct procedures and objectives. So, what does all of this mean? Look at the explanation below.

What Is Headhunter

A headhunter is a company or someone who provides employment services independently on behalf of the employer. A headhunter is hired by a company to find potential candidates who meet the company’s particular employment requirements.

Executive recruiting is another term for headhunters. Why is this so? This is because they already have information on candidates for certain positions. They are also known for their ability to find the top candidate among the best ones.

Therefore, if a company is in need of talented employees in certain roles within a short time, the solution is to use headhunters’ services.

So, what exactly are the qualifications of a headhunter? Here’s the detailed explanation of headhunter job descriptions.

  • Headhunters have a good reputation in the recruitment process and are generally recommended by many companies.
  • Has a portfolio of clients and can work in different scenarios in several market segments.
  • Has comprehensive insight into the business they are working on.
  • They often have an extensive network or database of potential candidates.
  • Have an official website and other social media accounts as intermediaries, not head offices.
  • They do not charge a fee and assure the candidate will be hired by a certain company.

Differences Between Headhunter and Outsourcing

Many people still think that headhunters are the same as outsourcing, regardless of the fact that they are for different companies or occupations.

Both employ potential candidates, but the key distinction is that outsourcing has a labor contract with the applicant, but the candidate works in the client’s company.

Meanwhile, headhunters are people who seek candidates with certain qualities in response to a client company’s needs. The chosen individual will later work for the client’s firm.

It should be emphasized that headhunters assist the client corporation in finding possible candidates and there is no agreement between the applicant and the headhunters, as in outsourcing.

Headhunter is different from HR

Work in a similar field, HR and head hunter are actually two different professions. Headhunters are people or groups who work on behalf of businesses or individuals to discover applicants for client firms.

Not only that, the responsibility of headhunters is to act as a career coach for candidates before they work in the company.

Meanwhile, the HR Department, as a corporate employee, is entrusted with hiring workers from a pool of potential candidates who have gone through the hiring process.

HR manages the hiring process on behalf of a company. HR can give candidates all of the knowledge they require to make the right career decisions. This is what sets the headhunters apart from the human resource.

How does they work?

Headhunters work by accepting job openings from the clients. The head hunter will next request as much information as possible regarding the criteria for ideal candidate for the client organization.

Please keep in mind that the primary goal of hiring headhunter services is to discover the top individuals who can help the client company expand. But if the applicant is going to work for a client firm, how do headhunters get paid? Take a look at the scenario below.

Company X uses headhunter services to find potential candidates for a senior accountant position. Company X, as the client, will pay the services of headhunters around 25% of the candidate’s total salary for a year if the headhunters can find that potential candidate.

If the accountant earns IDR 100,000,000 per year, it means headhunters will receive IDR 25,000,000 as their fee. That’s an example of how headhunters work.

That’s all about headhunters that you need to know. Are you interested in working as a headhunter?

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