Why Employee Scheduling Is Important?

Employee scheduling is one of the most important tasks for managers and HRs in any business big or small. No business can operate efficiently without a well thought-out schedule. 

If an employee comes to their shift and has too many tasks to complete or, on the other end of the spectrum, nothing to do at all, it can greatly influence their morale and job satisfaction. And both of these extremes can easily occur when management does not consider the staff scheduling to be vital.

No business is be able to maximize employee productivity without a proper schedule.

Employee scheduling – key to efficiency

Smooth and steady workflow with daily operations executed accurately and on time is what ensures success. It cannot be achieved without staff members knowing their work hours, their responsibilities and their functions. Proper scheduling creates order and flow that allows employees to focus on their job, as well as manage their free time. Which in turn boosts productivity, results and overall job satisfaction.

Clockster’s Schedules is a great tool for creating any type of schedules. Available on any device, it will ensure that employees can easily access and view their schedule. Moreover, they will be immediately notified about any changes.

Minimize attendance issues with employee scheduling

Employee attendance is a problem faced by many organizations. But with a thought-out schedule management can easily track and deal with this issue properly. An employee is always late? Taking too many leaves? Spotting it on time will allow management to take a proper action and discuss it with the employee.

Clockster’s Attendance is linked to the employee Schedule. All information on employee arrival and departure from workplace is always at hand. Statistic feature provides a valuable insight to employee attendance that allows pinpointing any issues.

Consideration and flexibility

Planning work schedules ahead also opens ways to build an efficient communication with staff. Find out when your staff members prefer to have days off and what shifts are more convenient for them. This way you can cover necessary workhours and meet your staff needs.

A great way to be flexible and more accommodating for your employees is to use Clockster’s Open shifts. Set the time, the place, the number of employees required for the shift and invite your staff to fill in the shifts that are more convenient for them.

Moreover, a clear picture of schedule will allow you to offer some flexibility for employees as well. Life happens, unexpected family events and other commitments might happen to any of us. Set a policy so employees would be able to ask for days off a certain amount of time in advance. This way the employee will be able to attend the event and you will have time to find someone to cover the shift.

Clockster’s feature Requests will facilitate this communication. Employees can ask for time off from anywhere by using Clockster mobile app. All requests are stored in one place and easily accessible.

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