The Importance of Work Life Balance (What You Need to Know)

work life balance

What is work life balance? Work-life balance is a term used to describe a situation where a person can balance his/her work and personal life. It is important to implement the theory of work-life balance, especially for employees, since it will affect one and another such as productivity at work.

However, in reality, there are still a lot who don’t understand the benefits of work life balance and how to do it. If you leave it unbothered, there’s potential that your career and personal life will cause problems. In order to avoid that, let’s take a look at Clockster’s article below!

What Is Work Life Balance?

WLB for short is a condition when a worker’s personal matter and current career are in a balanced situation. In Indonesian language, this term can be understood as a stage where a person is able to equalize the portion of responsibility between career and daily affairs.

Theory of Work Life Balance

The theory of this topic has been part of scientist’s concern. To understand better, below are several definitions according to experts.

  • Clark (2020) explains this as a concept for a person who can manage their family and work as well as setting proper boundaries.
  • Schermerhorn (2005) describes WLB as an individual’s ability to divide equally between the demands of career and personal life.
  • Rincy and Panchanatham (2010) mention the balance as a stage where minimal conflict occurs in one’s career and family.

In addition, both of them also conveyed that there are at least four dimensions of balance that is used to measure WLB:

1. The portion of family (personal life) that becomes a distraction at work (intrusion of personal life into work)

2. The portion of work that becomes a distraction in personal life (intrusion of work into personal life)

3. An increase in individual’s performance in work caused by his life (work enhancement by personal life)

4. An increase in individual’s quality of personal life caused by work (personal life enhancement by work)

Why Is Work Life Balance Important?

Employee, are just human, longs to live a calmer and happier life. Tthis matter is important to them where there’s an equally conducive environment in the office and at home. However, if as an employee you’re not able to compensate for one of them, then sooner or later it will indirectly affect your daily life ⎯making it not optimal day by day.

If your life principle is to become a workaholic who completely forgets about household matters, there must be a big void in your family. This will be getting more dangerous if it involves other family members. For example, a child who no longer feels the affection of their parents.

Vice versa, if you’re too focused on personal matters, then work will eventually get neglected. Of course, this is not a good sign for an employee as their work productivity is disrupted. In the end, your contribution may not have a good impact on the company.

Benefits of Work Life Balance

There are a number of benefits that you can obtain from achieving WLB. Below are some positive effects of it:

Reduce Stress Level

Similar to the state of a country’s economy, achieving the balance can reduce your stress level. If a country experiences economic disparities, then it is only natural for the government to find solutions in order to reduce these gaps.

Without balancing your career and personal matters, a lot of problems may arise. However, if you manage to reach the dimensions, then it’s possible for minimal conflict to occur. With that, thinking about solutions to solve problems that involve both aspects wouldn’t be necessary.

Sustain Familial Communication

This one point is especially for those of you who are married. With the creation of this balance, no matter how heavy the responsibilities from the office, your family will not feel far away from you or create any gaps.

Maintain a Good Relationship with Co-Workers

From the balance, it will affect your relationship with colleagues at work, in a good way. Same as previously mentioned, it will help the communication that has existed between you and your colleagues to keep on running smoothly.

Increase Productivity and Creativity

With WLB, you can maintain or even increase the level of productivity and creativity. In terms of stress management, the extra time that you have gained from the minimal conflict that occurs can be used for other purposes. Resulting in an increase in productivity and creativity.

Guaranteed Future

You will feel the effect from this balance, even in the future. The capability to divide an equal portion between your career and personal life shows how you’re a competent person. So if any time in the future you experience problems, you’re able to handle them well.

Factors Affecting Work Life Balance

How is it possible for one to achieve it? There are several factors that could affect a person’s WLB including:

  • The individual themself (character and personality, well being, emotional management)
  • Organization (support from company)
  • Social (environment around an individual)
  • Others (age, gender, family status)

Work Life Balance for Workers

Are you currently an employee under a company? The balance theories for employees are some concepts that you must learn from now on in order to maintain your quality of life.

How can an employee be considered to achieve it? This stage can be fulfilled at least through proper maintenance of WLB indicators based on their dimensions.

Mainly in the lives of employees, other than good self-management, support from an organization is also needed. A healthy working environment plays a role as one of the factors that can actually affect employees.

Again, not only employees but a company can also be responsible for one’s work life balance by properly managing and monitoring the work potion of an employee. As a human resources tool, visit Clockster for more information.


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