Easy Ways to Set Work Shift Schedule

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Business owners or managers or HR staff who are in the retail and hospitality business world must often face problems when arranging work shift schedule.

Like one of our clients, who creates shift schedules manually. They often experience problems such as lack of coordination effectiveness because schedule making is handled by the HR staff in the head quarters only, while they have many branches. This causes difficulties for the HR staff, both when creating, or when there is a sudden schedule change.

How to Make a Work Shift Schedule

Usually, managers or HR staff will coordinate employees to make work shift schedules for a certain period, for example one month.

In this plan, it is mandatory to ensure employees get a fair schedule by taking into account the following factors:

  • 8 hours of work per day
  • 1 hour of rest per shift
  • days off within a week

There are businesses that allow employees to choose their own schedule, under certain conditions. However, there are also those who have determined employee schedules, which must be obeyed.

However, not infrequently, employees request a schedule change for several reasons, such as illness or a sudden need. This schedule change can disrupt business operations if there is no dedicated system.

Problems in Shift Schedule Settings

At first glance setting shift schedule looks easy, but, many problems are often encountered in its implementation.

For example, when employees want to change schedules on certain days, if there are employees who are sick, or even absent from work without any information.

For businesses that still use manual systems, changes, especially sudden ones, can disrupt operations.

Back to the case of one of Clockster’s clients, they admitted that if there were employees who had sudden leave, they had to check each employee’s schedule manually, seeing who could replace them, and assigning a replacement.

Clockster Has The Solution

Clockster understands how important smooth operations are for the growth and development of a business. That’s why we provide the Schedule feature to help business owners manage their employees’ work schedules.

With this feature, business owners can easily monitor employee work schedules. Owners can see how and who is on duty at certain times of the day.

Coupled with integration with the attendance system, business owners can also see the level of discipline of each employee, whether it is on schedule or not.

After joining Clockster, the client we mentioned above stated that HR staff work has become much easier. First, making schedules more practical, and directly synchronized to attendance, plus directly entering the application of each employee, so there is no need to bother printing schedules and making announcements.

Secondly, when an employee has a sudden permit, they don’t need to panic anymore because checking schedules no longer needs to be done manually.

Finding a replacement is also easier because HRD can see who can replace or change schedules.

So, after all the hassle, start scheduling work shifts using Clockster!

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